January 24, 2016

AREA - Defining a room within a room

(January24, 2016)  Area defines a semi-enclosed space inside a room. This ‘space in parentheses’ becomes the ideal place for doing something else: withdrawing from company to read, have a quiet talk, play or work without being interrupted.

Modular and reconfigurable in its design, Area lends itself to varied arrangements depending on the form of its base, the direction of its vertical blades, the presence or absence of tablettes,
its freestanding presence with regard to the building or its being leaned against one or several walls. The dimensions of all its components can be changed.

Floor and portal frame in stained beech materialize a threshold. Made rigid by mechanical fixation, these two elements support and structure all the other components, which are simply inserted and lock into place. The vertical blades fit into slots in the floor, creating a skin more or less open depending on their pivot; they carry the horizontal tablettes, which are installed according to needs. The tablettes come in two models: one to be mounted to straight-line parts, the other for curves. Like the vertical blades, they are in Corian® steel, are of the same size, and are produced in series.

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