July 31, 2013

Man flies jet pack over Wisconsin at 119 mph as future finally arrives

We’ve been promised many awesome things will be invented in the future, from a five-course meal in a pill to time travel to jetpacks. So far, we’ve been let down. Until now. No, you can't go back and play those winning lottery numbers, but the jet pack is finally here. Swiss flying ace Yves Rossy, 53, demonstrated his device on Monday in Wisconsin, getting darn close to Superman-like levels of unencumbered flight. Reaching speeds of 119 mph, he controlled his movements simply by leaning his weight, which he likens to skiing. It was his first public flight — Rossy air-schussed the Grand Canyon unannounced in 2011. While it may look dangerous, the bird man says he’s "not crazy," and loves life. "That's why we are living," offered Rossy. "To have this kind of emotion, this kind of moment of joy."