March 23, 2012

Electricity from trees


Yoğun ağaçlı bölgelerdeki havada, parklar gibi açık otsu bölgelerdekine göre iki misli daha fazla pozitif ve negatif iyon yoğunlaşması olduğu bulundu.

Electricity from trees

(March 23, 2012)  Plants have long been known as the lungs of the earth, but a new finding has found they may also play a role in electrifying the atmosphere.

Scientists have long-suspected an association between trees and electricity but researchers from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) think they may have finally discovered the link.

Dr Rohan Jayaratne and Dr Xuan Ling from QUT's International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health (ILAQH), led by Professor Lidia Morawska, ran experiments in six locations around Brisbane, including the Brisbane Forest Park, Daisy Hill and Mt Coot-tha.

They found the positive and negative ion concentrations in the air were twice as high in heavily wooded areas than in open grassy areas, such as parks.