February 24, 2014

Panasonic-Anchor's new lighting business begins in Mumbai, India

Continued rapid growth in India’s economy is changing the country’s living environment and inspiring many of its citizens to seek more comfortable living spaces. Kana, a writer living in India, visits India’s first showroom for home LED lighting (which opened on December 2, 2013) and shares with us how Panasonic is responding to the increasing demand for stylish décor.

Panasonic Eco Solutions Company offers its lighting solutions in 5 markets across Asia. It recently opened a showroom in India directly operated by Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. (Anchor), the No. 1 wiring device company in India, which was acquired by Panasonic. Mr. Otaki, the president of Anchor, gave a speech on the showroom’s opening day, saying, “I am happy that you will be able to experience our greatest Panasonic LED technology. From now, by utilizing this showroom, we will be moving into the lighting fixtures business here in Mumbai,” thus expressing Panasonic’s commitment to its lighting business in India.