October 23, 2013

Soundboard Portable Speakers with SoundFlow Wireless Audio Now Available

VOXX Accessories Corporation today announced the launch of the SoundFlow™ Soundboard Portable Speaker.

The SoundFlow Soundboard instantly lets consumers enjoy smartphone audio in a big way, requiring no wires, no pairing or connection. Just place any smartphone on top of the Soundboard. SoundFlow wireless audio does the rest! The Soundboard supports virtually all brands and models of today’s smartphones. In fact, almost any portable device with a speaker works with a Soundboard. The Soundboard is available in 3 different colors: SP20WHBK (white top, chrome trim and black bottom), SP20WDBK (woodgrain top, chrome trim and black bottom), and SP20BKGR (matte black top, lime green trim and black bottom).