May 28, 2012


Around the world in a solar car

Australia, US, Europe - they've already traveled a long way. A team of students is currently touring the world in a solar-powered car. It's an adventure, though the car could be more comfortable.

The sun might be burning in the sky, but the promised test run in the solar-powered car will have to wait. The batteries are empty, explains Matthias Drossel, student of electro-technology at Bochum University of Applied Sciences in western Germany. The weather just wasn't quite good enough in the past few days, he says, especially on the journey through Belgium.

Now Drossel and the rest of the ten-strong team have to use the sunny day to recharge. They have unscrewed the solar panels from the car and set them up facing the sun at the optimal angle to soak up as much energy as possible. It will take four hours for the batteries to fully recharge, says Drossel after a glance at his laptop. So instead of a test drive, we'll have to make do with a test sit in the SolarWorld GT.

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