May 4, 2012


First electronic retinas implanted in the UK

(May 4, 2012)  Surgeons in Oxford are the first in the UK to successfully implant an electronic retina into the back of an eye.

On 22 March 2012, Chris James became the first patient in the UK to receive this ground-breaking surgery as part of a clinical trial being carried out at John Radcliffe Hospital and King's College Hospital in London.

Mr James's operation took place at the Oxford Eye Hospital with the surgical team led by Professor Robert MacLaren.

He was assisted by Mr Tim Jackson, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at King's College Hospital in London. The following week, a second patient, Robin Millar, a 60 year old music producer from London, received a retinal implant at King's College Hospital, with Professor MacLaren assisting Mr Jackson.

Both patients were able to detect light immediately after the electronic retinas were switched on, and are now beginning to experience some restoration of useful vision. Further operations are now planned for other suitable patients.