May 17, 2012


EGS Takes Geothermal Global

As ancient as the earth itself, unharnessed geothermal energy most often bubbles to the surface in geological hot spots long known for geysers and naturally-boiling mud pots.

Although such conventional shallow geothermal power has heretofore been harnessed with varying degrees of success, EGS (Enhanced Geothermal Systems) is capable of engineering a circulating energy-producing reservoir of hot water and steam as much as 10,000 feet beneath the surface.  In fact, EGS could eventually be used on a global scale to tap into an almost endless energy supply from which to generate electricity.

By some projections, the world's total reliance upon geothermal energy could, within a decade, climb from its present production low of 1 percent to 25 percent.  But like all energy technologies, geothermal will need to be price competitive to become commercially viable. 

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