May 3, 2012


The consumer of the year 2020 in eight tendencies

AZTI-Tecnalia, technological centre specialised in marine and alimentary investigation, has developed for the first time in the scientific field a project typical of identification and study of tendencies in feeding, that presented the past day 27 March in the International Living room of Feeding and Drunk, Alimentary 2012. In front of professionals of the sector, gave to know the main tendencies that the technological centre has identified as more notable for the next decade. Know the tendencies supposes for the industry agroalimentaria a big opportunity to promote the innovation in feeding and anticipate to the demands of the consumers.
The feeding in the next years will have to adapt to the new rhythms of urban life, with available foods anytime and place and that, without merma of quality and salubridad, suppose an instantaneous satisfaction. The near future will be marked also by services that allow to do the shopping of a faster way and intelligent, with a better discrimination of the products chosen.