September 19, 2013

GE Infusion™ LED Modules Deliver Maximum Flexibility in an Energy-Efficient Lighting Solution

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Today’s fast-changing retail environments require innovative ideas to make the most of all sales tools and customer interactions, and lighting plays a vital role, maximizing shopping experiences and making merchandise appear at its best.

GE’s Infusion™ LED Module product line has expanded to provide a comprehensive, energy-saving solution for retail lighting applications and now includes the new Infusion Gen3 Spot Light Module, the Infusion Down Light Module (DLM) and the Infusion Narrow Punch Module (NPM).

Offering significant wattage reductions and improved levels of efficacy through a variety of platforms, the Infusion LED Module is a versatile LED lighting solution that allows for direct replacement as technology and efficiencies continually improve. Additionally, the modules provide highly flexible LED lighting options—which are critical for retailers who want to highlight certain products or create emphasis through a display.