October 16, 2012

Unit 1, Where The Melted Fuel Is

The SimplyInfo.org research team has been following and documenting the events in Unit 1 since March 11, 2011. As part of our ongoing research into the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

Many pieces of new information have come out in recent weeks since TEPCO sent workers in to investigate the containment of unit 1. This has added new pieces to the big jigsaw puzzle of information on unit 1. One of the significant pieces of information is that the radiation levels inside unit 1′s containment are quite low. Inside unit 1′s containment the highest reading found was 11 Sv/h. The highest TEPCO documented inside unit 2 was 72.9 Sv/h. We calculated an estimated radiation reading in the pedestal of unit 2 to be somewhere between 5 gigaSv/h to 10 teraSv/h. There is a very clear difference between the two containment findings. The radiation readings inside unit 1′s containment were unexpectedly low. It would be impossible to have the bulk of the melted fuel inside unit 1′s containment with those low radiation levels.