April 27, 2012


(April 26, 2012) New Generation of Power Electronics by Continental Makes Electric Cars Even More Efficient

* 30 percent reduction in size and weight, more powerful semiconductors
* Modular and scalable design covers broad spectrum
* Already in series production in some electric cars and for Audi Q5 hybrid Quattro

Resenburg / Nuremberg / Vienna. Smaller, lighter, and more powerful – those are the attributes that characterize the latest generation of power electronics, developed by the international automotive supplier Continental for electric drive train applications. In figures, the highly integrated module has a continuous power of 20 kilowatts at a weight of only eight kilograms and just five liters of space. Mass and volume are about 33 percent less than in the previous generation. This was possible due to the integration of two modules: The inverter and the DC-DC converter are now assembled in a single housing.