April 15, 2012


SIM-Drive Unveils EV Prototype With Long Drive Range

(April 15, 2012)  SIM-Drive Corp, a Japan-based firm that develops electric vehicles (EVs), announced that it has completed the "SIM-WIL," the second vehicle for its advanced development project.

 The company has been engaged in the development since January 2011. The project is for prototyping vehicles to be commercialized in about 2014 and participated by 34 companies/organizations that are planning to launch EV businesses in the future.

The amount of battery mounted on the SIM-WIL is larger than that of the "SIM-LEI," the first vehicle for the advanced development project, and the EV has a drive range of 351km (approx 218 miles) per charge. In its B-segment body (4,150 (L) x 1,715 (W) x 1,550mm (H)), an in-car space equivalent to that of an E-segment vehicle was realized, SIM-Drive said. Also, it can accelerate from zero to 100km/h (approx 62.1mph) in 5.4 seconds, which is equivalent to the acceleration performance of a middle-grade sports car.