April 3, 2012


(April 3, 2012)  New 'solar jacket' lets Kindle last forever (well, for as long as the sun keeps shining)

* Built-in solar panel charges Kindle
* Guaranteed to offer at least three months battery life without a power socket
* Charges three days' worth of reading per hour
* Backup battery offers three weeks' reading
* Solar gizmo also has LED light

A new solar Kindle case lets readers 'top up' their gadget simply by leaving it in the sun - and could mean holidaymakers no longer have to bother bringing a cable.
The case has a built-in solar panel and battery - and the battery is guaranteed to provide three months of reading time in 'normal' sunlight, without dipping into the Kindle's own power.
The gadget goes on sale this week, priced at $80/£50.

Once the gadget's topped up, the SolarKindle diverts power to a backup battery.
Eight hours will fully charge the backup , which offers roughly three weeks' use. The battery also powers an LED light, which can run for 50 hours