August 28, 2013

The Atego in the service of haute cuisine

* 20 Atego trucks as the backbone of short-distance transport
* Integration into sophisticated logistics concepts
* Transport of highly sensitive freight

Driver Roger Tanne appreciates the merits of his Mercedes-Benz Atego 1529 refrigerator truck: "The comfort is incredible", he says of his short-distance transport truck's handling.Roger Tanne has been working at freight forwarder "karldischinger" in Ehrenkirchen near Freiburg for 15 years and also appreciates his employer's virtues: "Fair treatment and predictable working hours." As a trained restaurant specialist who previously managed a motorway restaurant he especially values being able to spend his evenings with his family. During the day he transports delicatessen. From French specialities, which after one transshipment end up, among other places, at gourmet restaurants in Berlin, to chocolate from Appenweier in the south-west of Germany, which is shipped all the way to Belgium and to the restaurants at the Berlin-Schönefeld airport.