June 19, 2012

Apple-1 sells at auction for £240,000, makes iPad seem cheap

Apple-1 sells at auction for £240,000, makes iPad seem cheap

The original Apple-1 has sold at auction for a whopping $374,500 -- that's equivalent to a cool £238,269.

The computer, made in 1976 by the late Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, lacks a keyboard, monitor, keyboard, or a case, CNN reports. It's just a motherboard really. But it still works, which is pretty amazing. It makes me wonder why every iMac I've ever owned dies after about two years.

Auction house Sotheby's sold the Apple-1 yesterday in New York. It more than doubled the predicted price of $180,000 after a furious bidding war broke out between two potential buyers. An anonymous telephone bidder was the eventual winner.

Apple founders Jobs and Wozniak built the device in 1976 and attracted the attention of Silicon Valley store chain Byte Shop, who ordered 50 of them for $500 each. Jobs and Wozniak put together the order in just 30 days. Sotheby's touted it as "the start of the personal computing revolution."

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