June 20, 2012

The NanoSteel® Company Announces Breakthrough in Steel Design

NanoSteel Announces Breakthrough in Steel Design for Automotive Light-Weighting

* New Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) deliver both high strength and high ductility

* Patented, nano-structured material will allow reduced weight in vehicles through the use of thinner, higher-strength gauges while maintaining safety

(June 20, 2012)  The NanoSteel Company, a leader in nano-structured steel materials design, today announced the development of new advanced high-strength steels with exceptional combinations of strength and ductility for automotive structures. NanoSteel has developed three classes of steel with measured strength/elongation performance of 950 MPa/35%, 1200 MPa/30% and 1600 MPa/15% respectively.

NanoSteel’s innovation gives automakers additional ways to use steel in the pursuit of lighter vehicles with better fuel economy without compromising safety. It also allows the auto industry to continue to utilize steel’s existing infrastructure, scale and efficiencies versus switching to other light-weighting materials which may have higher costs, longer cycle times and limited availability.