September 21, 2015

Endgrain Collection

(September 21, 2015) Self Production  2015  |  The collection is an elaboration of the Endgrain technique we developed previously at the studio.

The idea behind ‘Endgrain’ is to harness the grain of the wood in order to carry dye right the way through sections of timber.

Blocks dyed is different pigments are then glued together with the grains facing vertically to create three-dimensional patterns - then shaped with a computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine. ‘Endgrain’ is therefore a process that starts very crafty and ends quite industrial.

Set up in an entrance hall, the series consists of a bench, an armchair and a console table.

Inspired by checked patterns, the grid arrangement of the coloured blocks introduces what we usually see in textiles into three dimensional wooden piece. When sculpting these 2D patterned blocks into the finish objects, the volumetric shape distorts the graphic patterns in a surprising and unexpected way that feels almost like a three dimensional marquetry.

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