September 28, 2015

Kaleidos, the re-flection pavilion

New project by DG Mosaic at Cersaie

(September 28,2015 - DG Mosaic's pavilion at CERSAIE 2015 is a treasure case of glass tesserae and mirrors which bursts with light, creativity, arts, and innovation.

'KALEIDOS' means 'of a beautiful appearance' - a word that fully embodies the mission of DG Mosaic's work and research endeavours.

The term 'Re-flection' recalls the refined play of light nuances and curves made possible by the superior physical and application flexibility of our tiles, which can gently bend on any surface to meet the individual project concepts and requirements.

Following up on DG Mosaic's peculiar style, this project aims to amaze and engage the public whilst unleashing the full potential of TILLA® (the smallest glass mosaic squared tessera worldwide) via the sophisticated use of mirrors.

The pavilion's concept was developed by DG Mosaic's design team. Emanuele Bonzini, architect and author of the project, explains: 'On the outside, KALEIDOS appears as a sealed case. Here, the linearity of the architecture is embellished by niches decorated with mirrors and mosaics in a changing white-silver nuance, which caters for an increased lightness of the structure. On the inside, the installation bursts with colours and magic.'

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