November 12, 2015

Entrepreneurial Activity Breeds Entrepreneurial Passion

Entrepreneurial activity breeds entrepreneurial passion.
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(November 12, 2015)  The more effort one ploughs into one’s company's success, the more enthusiastic about one’s own entrepreneurial activity one becomes. Experiencing success on a regular basis and the the possibility of free choice are two factors that play an important role in this context. These are the findings of a research project led by the psychologist Prof. Dr. Michael Gielnik of Leuphana University of Lüneburg, recently published in the Academy of Management Journal. The findings refute the widespread view that dedicated entrepreneurship can only evolve from a pre-existing passion for entrepreneurial spirit.

The higher the effort, the greater is the entrepreneurial passion

The researchers collected data for their project in two different studies. In an eight-week field study, they surveyed 54 German entrepreneurs at weekly intervals, enquiring about the actions they had taken. They also asked about how much passion they felt about their entrepreneurial efforts and entrepreneurial project. All responses showed a clear correlation between these two variables: the efforts put in during the past week influenced perceived entrepreneurial passion, which proved to be higher the greater the efforts.

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