November 22, 2015

The Perfect Blanket for Your Bed

(November22, 2015) Inspired by your favorite hoodie— warm, cozy, water resistant, and antimicrobial.

The Super Fleece is a cozy, modern, and high performance blanket for your bed. It’s designed to feel plush and familiar like your favorite hoodie, with all the performance benefits of technical apparel.

It comes in several beautiful colors, and available exclusively on Kickstarter, is the ability to design a color combination that suits your style.

Traditional comforters are completely out-dated. Most use cotton duvets and down feathers, which aren't washable, and hold odor. A spill usually means a permanent stain, and patterns are generally restricted to basic diamonds and squares.

The Super Fleece is a modern, high performance comforter.  It features beautiful organic patterns, and is made with the same materials found in technical Activewear. These materials are specifically designed to keep you dry and comfortable when you're active, and the Super Fleece offers the same benefits when you're sleeping.

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