November 11, 2015

TRIX- The new stylish travel power strip with USB charger

(November 11, 2015) When it comes to tech, we believe that our products should reflect our lifestyle. We live to design products that create a sense of wonder.

We designed TRIX for people to achieve sharing with ease. The defined 5 ports including 3 AC outlets and 2 smart USB powered ports at each corner differs from any other plug, providing a wide range of power distribution.

The traveler understands that time is money, so we have crammed a lot of exciting new technologies in the charger including the USB fast charging feature. This allows TRIX to save up to 75% charging time, and that is quite literally amazing!

Now, we believe it’s about setting everything in order, just like at home. While travelling with multiple electronics, bring TRIX along to show your style.

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