August 11, 2015

DRIFTER - The speaker with a brain

(August 11, 2015)   Drifter is the only speaker that can play music independently from your phone, so you can listen to music anywhere.

Drifter is the World's First Smart Speaker!  This is the only speaker that can play music independent of your phone, so you can take it anywhere.

Drifter's customized operating system allows you to download songs from your favorite music apps (like Spotify and Beats Music) and play music on the go.  Drifter has built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and a 16 GB hard-drive.

Furthermore, the portable speaker also features an integrated camera that captures videos and photos, and it works with any GoPro mount, and carabiner clip hooks let you easily take the speaker anywhere. In addition, its rechargeable battery offers over 8 hours of audio playback.