August 25, 2015

Zami Life Sitting

(August 25, 2015)

"Zami is not just your regular stool. Use your Zami for especially designed Zami exercises and stretches!"

The Problem
We are sitting more than ever before and are seeing increasing evidence how this affects our health. Poor posture is likely to develop neck and shoulder problems and sitting for long periods of time is associated with multiple health risk factors.

The Idea
A stool that gives you the optimal curve for your spine, enabling good posture. The stool focuses on helping you achieve good posture by actually tracking how you sit and informing you how to improve your daily sitting habits.

The Solution
Inspired by European craftmanship the designer Ruud-Jan Kokke developed the perfect stool – a piece of art designed to shape the future of sitting. Zami promotes good posture and incorporates technology which provides feedback on your sitting habits, coaching you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Zami promotes good posture by enabling the optimal curve for your spine.

Zami was inspired by years of research by orthopedic surgeon Piet Van Loon who specializes in preventative care and non surgical solutions for the spine. He is passionate about the research on biomedical science behind good posture. He invented the TLI brace and has published research articles about the negative effects of prolonged sitting.