August 24, 2015

Let your phone be naked

(August 24, 2015)   Lil Grit: A subtle but effective anti-slip accessory for beautiful phones.
(iPhone 6, Galaxy S6, HTC One, and more...)

Lil Grit makes your phone less slippery without ruining its premium look and feel. If that sounds like something you can dig, you're in the right place.

First I turned to Google, as one does, and quickly found that there are tons of options to make phones less slippery. There are rubbery cases, grippy silicone skins, stick-on handles, elastic straps, and if you're feeling DIY you can even wrap your phone in skateboard griptape. All of these options work I suppose but they also fundamentally change the look and feel of your phone. And most of them are total overkill. I wasn't looking to use my phone as a hammer or a sanding block, I just wanted it to be less slippery in my hand, that's all. Forsaken by Google, I was discouraged but not yet defeated. There was still hope. I dusted off my engineering degree and headed to the lab...