December 10, 2015


(December 10, 2015)   Contemporary scientific and technological research are changing the way man relates to his body. Synthetic biology, advanced prosthetics, biohacking let imagine future scenarios of physical transformation and redefinition, aesthetic and performative.

In this direction, Carapace is a possible evolution of the human body in which rigid elements similar to crustaceans' and insects' exoscheletons integrate and transform sensory districts: eyes, ears, nose, mouth. The masks collection Carapace is inspired by this vision: fossiles of a possible future, once worn these objects blur the limit between natural extension and artificial prosthesis.

With Replica you enter the Carapace experience. These masks are standard fit and 3d printed in nylon. The white and translucent material recalls a fetal stadium in the individual's growth.

Mater is the high end line. Customized on the 3d face scan of the wearer, these masks are produced as single pieces through CRP Technology's additive manufacturiduymadım görmedim bilmiyorumng and Windform materials.