December 1, 2015

boud - flexible camera

(December 1 , 2015) PICs design inspiration from your daily life

It started with the challenge from the idea that everyone should be able to use a camera  easily and be lightweight. That could transform its shape freely and fixed without a cradle. Also at various angles that were unavailable until now. Flex Cam PIC takes you one step closer to a comfortable everyday life.

PIC as part of everyday life

With its ability to flexibly transform, you can now pretty much put PIC anywhere.(head, arm, leg, bike, bag, belt, anywhere)
Flex Cam PIC will be a part of your everyday life.

PIC for your flexible life

Record those precious moments in your everyday life easily at anytime, anywhere with PIC.
Existing action cameras are good, but too heavy and expensive.
We have to put up with the discomfort caused by narrow views from cell phone cameras.
Flex Cam PIC is beyond these limitations. From action cameras to cell phone cameras, and now, Flex Cam PIC.

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