December 8, 2015

Kids School Backpacks Redesigned For Adults

(December8, 2015)  Randoseru are Japanese leather backpacks typically reserved for school children. Parents buying black or red randoseru for their newly minted 1st graders is practically an annual tradition in Japan.

Tsuchiya Kaban, a leather workshop located in Nagano Prefecture, has dedicated the Otona Randsel line towards elevating the idea of the school bag to new heights, using only the finest quality materials.

These leather knapsacks are created using the Italian Baketta method, producing exceptionally functional and stylish bags. They reference an entire tradition of European backpack wear, but Otona Randsel adds a neat Japanese twist with linear contours and neat pockets. Glowing with natural luster, these lightweight bags are high-performance: not only do they function in day-to-day use but will impress coworkers and bosses alike in a professional setting.

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