October 23, 2015

casitoo powerstrip

(October 23, 2015)
Modular · Personal · Power
The modular casitoo powerstrip gives you a whole new kind of personal power. Choose from a range of different modules, each with different power functions, and create the power strip you want. Start with a power module and power base cord set and add on more modules to build a power strip that grows and adapts to your lifestyle.

Flexible Smart Solutions
Adaptable power base modules that support one-to-five plug sockets, USB ports, and on/off buttons
Discover smart home capabilities for seamless convenience and greater energy efficiency
Choose from an ever-growing range of modules to meet the different power needs of all your devices

More Control
Use only the modules, cords and cables you need and skip the extra clutter
Color code your cords to never loose track of them again
Multi-power simplicity that adjusts to function anywhere in your home or office

Stylish Options
A modern sleek design that compliments any space
Detachable cords and cables are available in both different lengths and a variety of colors

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