October 23, 2015

Energy Wood


(October 23, 2015)  Lamp Cut from One Piece of Lumber

Recently, I am in love with band sawing American Ash wood to create functional sculptures. These trees are under attack by emerald ash borers. Many trees were killed and removed. There is a need to find ways to use these extra lumbers. I take the challenge to use them to create functional sculptural work. I call them Lumber Lamp (or Energy Wood). I made them by bandsawing one piece of Ash lumber and steam bending the strips to contain space and light. These strips transform the lumber into a dynamic sculptural mechanism, a lumber that delivers lights as well as visual forms. I also use the same concept and band saw method to create large scale tree-shaped sculptures from lumber and bamboo for gallery spaces. The fiber reaches out from square-shaped lumber to express their life energy and remind us their past life and where the lumbers are from.

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