October 30, 2015

How to make Web advertising more effective

(October 30, 2015)  Every day, users are bombarded with animated ads across the Web, and companies fight to cut through the clutter. New research from the University at Buffalo School of Management has pinpointed one attribute online ads should have to influence consumers’ perceptions of a new product—and their willingness to pay for it.

Consumers who see a Web ad in which the product changes direction while moving across the screen are more likely to perceive the product as innovative, according to forthcoming research in the Journal of Marketing.

“Psychologically, we don’t expect inanimate objects to be able to change directions,” says co-author Arun Lakshmanan, PhD, assistant professor of marketing in the UB School of Management. “As a result, when we see something do that in an advertisement, it stands out as atypical and causes us to make judgments instantaneously about the product’s novelty, without even thinking about it.”
Product novelty is critical for success in the marketplace. Research shows that products perceived as innovative are adopted faster by consumers and bring in higher profits.

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